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Wedding Services Logo Design – Mesmerize your Audience


A frivolous celebration to be captured resonating forever nostalgia in an image depicting the dedication and portraying happiness and joy- this is what the ‘to be wed’ couple would be looking for in your companies wedding services logo design. Their ultimate goal is to make that day as memorable as possible, how you can help them and the kind of professionalism your logo would display would be the key selling point to attract clientele.

Wedding Services Logo Design- Images used


Images above are selected to depict the diverse functions of an event management company to that of a wedding planner specific. Your logo will be completely based on your specialization. If you specialize in “every” event having a neutral logo design with attractive colours and elegant typography is a good gauge, however, if you specifically are a wedding planner and provide services limited to it- An illustration of the same in your wedding services logo design is not only essential for acquiring clientele but also to muster that confidence within you and your employees to comprehend what you are in for!


Wedding Services Logo Design – Colours & Shadows

Shades of Pink and Purple contrast the image illustrated above by complementing the typography of the logo itself. The logo on the other hand, stands out with two opposite lines, marking the beginning and the end of the event. A transparent representation of how a wedding services logo design should be.

Colours and their psychological effects on the mind of the consumers have diverse reactions. For example, selecting a dark colour with a bright background or vice versa, may be able to strike a balance, but stepping in to the frame of dark shadows and colours may lose the focus of a happening event company and give a gloomy overview instead.
Choose colours that are alarming but in a calm and soothing way, corresponding to your target audience about the opportunities you would like to share with them with your services for their memorable day. A wedding goes beyond the wardrobe and décor, it defining “pursuit of happiness” for most customers. A wedding services logo design with the capability to depict just that is successful. Lavender, pink, green, black and golden are suitable out of which, pink and purple are mostly used.

Wedding Services Logo Design –Typography

3 sizes for three different words utilized in the above image appeals to the curious audience to read. Gauging and attracting an audience is a difficult work of art via a logo. Using the right tools and colour a font could be captivating and luring at the same time.

Hiring a professional designer for a wedding services logo design is significant as there is always room for error on your behalf or that of a $5-20 logo design. You want your target audience to memorize your font, or the caption or slogan. Apart from the fact that a logos typography must be clear and logically balanced, it must also compliment the colours utilized within. Fonts can vary from a professional Sans Serif or Calibri to that of Freestyle of Brush Script. Knowing what you can read from a distance within split seconds is essential for your company’s logo. Experiment by imprinting the design on an envelope to that of a banner.

Wedding Services Logo Design – Trust

A wedding planner has to have credibility and experience in order to gain results in this field. A charismatic charming personality can always influence a wedding house hold with positive vibes. It’s the planner’s responsibility to have the weddings outcome to be fruitful, remarkable and to be exceptionally well managed event. Even for a newcomer in this field, their first project being a wedding would divulge their true potential in the market. A unique wedding services logo design hence a necessity to portray your dedication in managing overwhelming events.
Wedding Designers as we know it have their own individual setups. Never the less a logo is imperative to represent themselves in this cost effective industry.

Below are some logos for individual wedding planners and their production house:

1. Lindy Dowling lindy
2. Pink Pumpkin Wedding pink
3. Timeless White dws
4. Sasha Souza sasha
5. David Tutera david

The images displayed are for an idea of what your logo could be like. Hire a professional designer now and match ideas to seek the best design.

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