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Sport Logo Design

Logos must be created to serve the purpose of a business or an individual. They are therefore set up to let the people know, who we are, what we do and why we do it? Sports companies and teams are renowned worldwide thus the need for an effective logo for its ever growing fan following. An innovative and unique design will be the pinnacle of every designer however, when it comes to sports, contributing factors such as strength, courage and power are directly related to determination, passion unity and bravery. Integrating all of them at once is a courageous task as the millions of viewers may decipher a logo distinctively.

Sport Logo Design- Inspiration & Development

Looking at the current logo themes for sports over and over again may definitely be beneficial for intellectual and innovative ideas to sprout for your sport design. A bit of brainstorming and narrowing down of you specific sport industry would lead you to an inspirational design. But striking a balance and making it unique is imperative. To set up a Sport Logo Design you may choose any one of the medians out of the one so many listed online to download (which may be cost effective) below:

Paint: Using Windows and it being free, the option to use paint can be very cost effective and helpful in setting up a new logo. Apart from using different options like the thickness of the brush and various file formats like .JPG, .GIF & .BMP you can also transfer or copy pictures directly in to another document .The only drawback is lack of stability using a mouse and very basic features.

Adobe & Adobe Illustrator: By far the most commonly used software amongst designers as it caters to reading and writing raster and vector imaging formats such as .EPS, .PNG, .GIF and .JPEG. Some powerful tools equip the user for photography, super image previews and realistic paintings. Its affordability is the only con.

Corel Draw X7: To set up a sport logo design the new Corel Draw has about 11 Illustration tools alone, in depth and vast Photo & Image Editing and astonishing Support. It has evidently swayed market attention from Adobe successfully. However the only con would be too many applications to get used to with overwhelming number of tools and features.

ntegration (as seen above) is indeed the key to unlock a sport logo design’s true potential. It may turn out to be disastrous if unbalanced however communicating effectively via the logo is 80% of brand management and marketing. Revise your logo as many times as you feel till you get it right.

Sport Logo Design – Nature

The use of animals like tigers, lions, eagles, buffaloes, foxes and rhinos are most commonly used as they portray strength, passion and power.

When designing a sport design logo, nature essentially displays power thus giving the target audience “hope” & “strong will” to cheer for their teams and vice versa has a mental effect of positive energy on the team itself.

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