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Security Logo Design – Trust

curityDesigning an Image of trust, loyalty and dependability involves a certain talent that which acquires the periled mind to be able to convey their security concerns and feel comfortable with your services just by gauging your logo. “The peace of mind” tabloid for any customer walking in to your store must not only amplify when glancing at the logo but also reassure strength, professionalism and confidence. Security is a vast field, from that of providing physical security for a given parameter to that of ‘data’ security online- The logo must be able to portray the ‘kind’ of security’ your company caters to.
Security Logo Design – Brand Value

Reviewing your competitors in this regard is not a bad idea. However cheating or copying a design is developing a structured loss for your own company. Inspiration, idea, colours and typography is what you may absorb from the competitor designs. A security logo design must be unique and display strength and confidence with “trust” being its primary hint. By checking competitor logos and gaining an idea you will also manage to avoid a similar symbol or image incorporated within your logo.

Security Logo Design – Symbols


Most of the above images are incorporated within security logo design symbols with current companies. Only a professional designer will be able to incorporate all of the images to give a subtle confident and strong effect to prove that the security your company provides (online, offline) is hard to breach!


The above logo incorporates a semi-circle displaying waives from a tower quite clearly, portraying the sense of “we are watching” transparently. The typography has a remarkable effect with 2 dots, one with the beginning of Security and the other with its end, substantiating a bond from beginning to end- This is vital in a security logo design.
Security Logo Design – Online


If your company is dedicated to provide security online via different methods (socket layers, anti-spyware, secure pages), to display the same in your logo is a direct marketing technique. Most people are now aware about the risk of utilizing personal data online, unless if the “bar is green”. This tabloid came in to effect after breaches were primarily discovered within financial giants. The ‘https” adheres to Hyper Text Terminal Protocol Secure, meaning that you are on a page that is covered additionally by a layer of security.

A security logo design may communicate various current trends and instil the company motto letting the end users know of their dependability and trust.

A few Online Security Logo Design images are as followed:

1. Bit defender 2016 – bit-defender
2. Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 kasper
3. McAfee Internet Security 2016 mcafee
4. G Data Internet Security 2016 gdata
5. Norton Internet Security 2016 norton

The above images and internet security software’s are tested in different labs to give results
of the same output or a different from website to website.

How a Security Logo Design should be for Online Security Companies is portrayed above. If you notice each logo has either an animal (a dog), or an arrow or tick mark to show trust, dependability and premeditation of attacks online.

Security Logo Design – Offline


Most bars & nightclubs hire security for maintaining decorum within their vicinity. Their main perspective is to have trustworthy guards around to be able to cope with erratic situations and public behaviour under influence. When looking at your Security Logo Design- The most important aspect is to give hints with either colour, image or typography – it evolves in to a contributing factor helping your target audience reach you without any lingering questions. The image below is a clear depiction of what an offline security logo design could be like:


The phoenix illustration in the above logo portrays uniqueness of a strong kind. “The rise of the phoenix” as a tabloid provides a sense of security, tranquillity and dependability. The colours blue and white again have a psychological impact of nobility and strength on the human mind.

Some Security (private) Company Logos are as followed:

1. Dyn- Corp International dyncorp
2. Allied Barton allied
3. Control Risks control
Security Logo Design – Colours & Typography

Most colours like black, blue and white are used amongst security logos for both online and offline services. However Red incorporates alarming sense of aggression and courage, orange depicts adaptability to change and Grey portrays effortless service to that of the human mind. To be able to use colours a coherent definition of the company is to be clear in the designers mind.

Fonts such as relaxed and easy going or cursive may show lack of professionalism and maturity within an organization especially in the security field. Remember your logo with the font will be displayed on badges and online websites. You not only have to choose font that is clear but also decipherable to the masses on the move. Using a straightforward font without any playful or odd typography will do the trick.

Rest assured, everyone wants security- not just of any kind- the best one out there. Choose a professional designer for the best logo incorporating your company values and motto.

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