Unless you’ve been living on Pluto since 2009, chances are high that you have used or have at least heard about mobile apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp. In an increasingly instant world littered with hosts of mobile apps 24 hours is virtually a complete life cycle. And Snapchat was the first one to pounce upon that life-cycle by launching their now legendary Snapchat Stories option.



This world is trivial and Snapchat believes so too. It allows its users to post Stories for their friends and audience for a span of 24 hours.

The idea captured the social media market like a wildfire and it was only a matter of time when Instagram followed up and launched its own Instagram Stories with an added cherry on the top:

Instagram users can rewind the stories by tapping on the left side of the story. It was a LOL moment when the originator of 24-hour stories a-la Snapchat copied Instagram’s rewind feature.

Now it’s Whatsapp time to tell their Story with your contacts – The Whatsapp Status!



The basic idea of status self-destruction after 24 hours is the same as that of other mobile apps: Snapchat and Instagram.

However, Whatsapp went a step ahead and gave you the option of adding gifs to your statuses as well. Albeit for 24 hours only. Additionally, you can share your statuses with your contacts only unlike Snapchat and Instagram.

Living up to their reputation of unbreakable encryption gurus, Whatsapp Statuses are end-to-end encrypted which essentially means that once the statuses disappear, they actually disappear.

You can add multiple statuses (as many as 6 in a day) including a picture, gif or a video. Additionally, apart from recording a new status (picture or video narrative) you can also source already saved gifs, pictures or videos in your phone library.

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The user-interface allows you to see how many eyes have viewed your status(es) and the timed life of it.

Furthermore, unlike Snapchat video stories that are capped at a length of 10 seconds, the Whatsapp video status can be extended up to the length of 45 seconds.

This means 35 more seconds of awesomeness for you!

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