Why did Subway Change its Logo After 15 years?

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Subway has taken the leap of faith with a revamp for its brand identity. With the debut of their new logo on Friday, the identity seems to reflect both the green and the yellow with perfect style. The change is most definitely major since 2001.

The new food and drink logo design most definitely has a minimilastic approach when compared to the old bold thick font (which we are all used to). The signature arrows on the ‘S’ and ‘Y’ would still remain as an attempt to commit to daily consumers as usual.

Subway has a new icon with similar arrows along with the new logo as seen below:

Apart from adding new items to their premium menu, they consider the identity revamp as the “next step”in the sandwich chain’s evolution.

Suzzane Greco, Subway’s President and CEO stated that they are on an exciting journey to meet the changing tastes of their guests in a statement. The CEO further stated that the Subway brand is recognized throughout the world and the new look will reinforce their commitement on staying fresh and forward thinking with a design that is clear and confident and without loosing sight of their heritage.

The new logo apparently will feature on advertisements aired during NBC’s coverage of the Olympics Opening Ceremony. As of the commencement of the next year all countries and branches will have the new logo featured.


Image Credits: YouTube Screen Shot

Evidently, other reports state that Subway hadn’t been able to keep up with competition as of 2015 by 3.4%.
But with the new restaurant logo design the organization seems to promise a fresh start with their new menu such as carved turkey breast and rotisserie-style chicken along with the companies new tech focu division called Subway Digital.


On comparison with the old logo, it is safe to state that the logo is still communicative, decent and has that subtle quality that a long spanned corresponsive identity must possess to succeed amongst the competition.

The new advertisement was displayed as of today via Subways Official YouTube channel along with their new identity.

All Image Credits: http://www.businessinsider.com/

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