The Whirlpool Corporation is an American enterprise and is a multinational manufacturer of home appliances with approximate revenue of $21 billion in for the fiscal year of 2015. The organization has been constantly striving to improve the living standards of people with more than 70 research centers located globally.  In 2010, Whirlpool Corporation modified its logo design, changing font type to sans serif, altering the hook around the text and whirl slightly.

whirlpool banner


Recently, Whirlpool has undergone the process of expansion and decided to pursue their identity in the market with a logo design reflecting their process of expansion in multiple categories.

whirlpool old logo

Image credits: AFAQS.COM

Whirlpools new logo design when compared to the old one is modern, yet simple.  The design idea for its new identity is reinforced in the notion of elegance and novelty. Whirlpool has also shifted customer oriented concept in the logo, that is, the loop around the middle of typographical arrangement has been altered to a continuous circle that they refer to “Ring of the Promise”. This ring depicts the commitment of the Whirlpool to their customer to provide improved quality and integrity, says Sunil D’Souza, MD, Whirlpool India. Graphically, the “Swirl” in the logo above the alphabet “W” was an addition in 1960 and was originally a manifestation of laundry products but it has now been removed as they are also manufacturing many other small and large appliances.

whirlpool new logo

Image credits: AFAQS.COM

In my point of view, the graphical and visual balance of the current logo design is more appealing than the previous one. The touch of minimalism is clear, with a readable and modern typographical illustration. Alphabets in the logo have transformed to 3D from a flat 2D look. Similarly, the ring around the logo has transformed to a 3D object. The selection of color follows neutral scheme marking its legibility, esthetics and readability as invariable. The text is emphasized meeting the typographical modernity. Whirlpool has successfully met its customer-oriented and expansion-oriented goals in the logo design.


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