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Marvel launched their new Logo at the Comic Con Presentation. Composed by the Oscar winning composer Michael Giacchino, the video presentation was perhaps a new block in the Marvel Timeline, for as we have always seen the comic book representation of Marvel Studios at the beginning of their movies and now – That has changed for this wonderful depiction by Michael:

We have to get used to it because we would see it all the time now with Marvel Movies, Cinematic trailers & Series – Well to be honest the new logo and the complete presentation is perhaps the best depiction for where Marvel Studios stand as of now. They are number one in terms of comic book movies and the old presentation (which directly relates to the Marvel Comics with pages flapping away at the beginning) needed to be outgrown from ‘Comics’ as an identity to that of –‘Movies’.
They have not only managed to acknowledge their history within this entertainment logo design but also communicate what lies ahead! The idea of the logo having Studios outlined in ‘White’ is formal and to my understanding perfect for communication because ‘Marvel’ itself is able to portray the past present & future of the industry in one go!
We are now at Phase 3 of the famous Marvel Releases, up until we see Avengers: Infinity Wars come through, this new representation definitely gives the fans a new feel altogether.

Below are other logos that were revealed at Comic Con2016:


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Guardians of the Galaxy or better known as GOTG, has the sequel pending. The logo nevertheless looks like a Volume 2 of an 80’s or 90’s rock club poster. Nevertheless, anticipation is the first fame to success of any brand. The use of Cherry Red, Light Blue & Sand Color all compliment to something old but generating something new. Only the movie could let us know better.


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Thor Ragnarok – The new logo released at Comic Con 2016 definitely managed to turn heads. The use of the color ‘Gold’ in ‘Thor’ and the color gradients of Blue, Red & White was just perfect. Again the logo resembles something from the past like a Rock Band font or a Rock Concert Poster. The overall appeal is certainly amidst the logo and is definitely communicative with the 4th of July colors.


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For this logo most certainly was a surprise as its new image was unexpected. Nevertheless, the logo has the 3 dimensional approach and the Gold Outline worked wonders. Although some remarks were made stating it looked a bit like Peter Pan in 3d – but point someone out who doesn’t criticize and I shall reward you!


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Captain Marvel on the other hand resembled a bit of Dare Devil as rumored at Comic Con. But the font wasn’t inclined and the color wasn’t dull for red. Instead the red gradient here is brighter when compared.

Overall, all the logos released by Marvel and the cinematic presentation for the New ‘Marvel Studios’ had the fans gasping for more at Comic Con 2016. No doubt, Marvel is easily going to walk away with twice as much as profit last year with the release of Dr Strange on its way!

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