Washington Poison Center Reveals the – ‘NOT FOR KIDS’ logo



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At a recent State Liquor and Cannabis Board Meeting (WSLCB), Washington Poison Center revealed its chosen warning symbol for identifying products not suitable for children, specifically consumable marijuana products.

The Washington Poison Center created the alerting and warning symbol to discourage children from using products at home that were purchased by adults.
The WAPC’s executive director Carrie Ulvestad stated that they were inclined to help providing free tools and medical aid for parents and adults to protect their families. It was noted further that the number of calls to the Washington Poison Center pertaining to Marijuana Exposure grew in 2015 at a record high 272 calls. The new community & non-profit logo design would help facilitate adults having a conversation with their children about the products at home with the symbol – aged 1 to 21 stated Alexander Garrard the clinical managing director of WAPC.
The identity is represented with the toll free emergency helpline number as a resourceful center to contact for better information on products and immediate assistance if exposed.


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Earlier, from the WSLCB was a requirement for the Mr Yuk symbol from Washington Poison Center to be affixed on all edible marijuana products in order to create awareness – hence the new ‘Not For Kids’ symbol and initiative has also evolved from the same draft.
The symbol will take effect on packaging from Jan 17, 2017 pending the process of accepting rules for both the sides.


The Washington Poison Center – a nonprofit organization supports the state for immediate treatment expertise via phone in case of exposure to poisonous, hazardous or dangerous- toxic substances. Their logo with the Mr Yuk symbol has ideally prevented a number of accidents in the past and continue to prevent them till date.

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