Vegas Golden Knights Logo Design Denied Trademark




Two weeks ago Las Vegas’s hockey team announced its name “The Golden Knights”. The unveiling took place during a splashy ceremony at T Mobile Arena located on the Vegas Strip.


A request was filed by NHL, for a trademark request on behalf of the Golden Knights. This request was denied by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The reason is unclear as to why the request was rejected.

The denial is said to be because of a possible resemblance of the Golden Knights logo to the registered trade mark of The College of Saint Rose’s team Golden Knights.



The Franchise said  “There are countless examples of college sports teams with coexisting names, including Vegas Golden Knights and Clarkson Golden Knights, UCLA Bruins and Boston Bruins, U. of Miami Hurricanes and Carolina Hurricanes, etc.

“We will plan on making these arguments and others in our detailed written response to the office action which must be filed by June 7, 2017.”

Let’s compare the two logos.


At a glance we can immediately tell that the word “Golden Knights” is the same and is dominating both the logo designs. Both have a picture of an armor head. It is funny how NHL and Vegas didn’t do proper research before planning and designing their logo design.


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