Valentine’s Day is almost here and Digital Marketers Are All Set to Leverage On it

valentines day


Can you imagine Valentine’s Day without cheesy marketing campaigns? Women swooning at the sight of roses or man gifting huge diamonds to substantiate their love.


Well, another valentines is here and marketers will sway over it like they always have.  For digital marketers, the Valentine’s, like every holiday has become a gold mine- the golden opportunity of luring a customer through seductive campaigns and all the lovey-dovey ads that can make Romeo Juliet story appear outdated. Gone are the days of steaming romance between couples, valentines these days is all about brewing romance between brands and customers.

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However, how much more time before the digital marketers actually think outside the heart-shaped, red box and all their clichéd marketing efforts would stop making a difference.

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Or maybe they won’t because as digital consumers we have become accustomed to the “expected” campaigns that will run around the valentines. But as a serious digital consumer, I feel obligated to nudge digital marketers out of their comfort zone and force them into presenting something that we can fall in love with.

Thankfully, Valentines 2015 wasn’t a total disappointment and we have collected some really cool ideas that marketers can possibly use to nail the love.

Extension of Digital World into Reality

#O2tweetheart was a Twitter competition organized by O2 in UK that took online conversation to real world. The online participants would digitally post the messages to their loved ones. But there was a twist that distinguished it from the boring conventional campaigns- The best messages were posted on the window of physical stores around the town.

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Turning Your Digital Campaigns In to Sure Sales

Tiffany & Co, a luxury jewelry brand organized a “Drop a Hint Campaign” that was a total stealer. They went a step further than the conventional email marketing and social media campaigns. The “Drop A Hint” button in their personalized emails would allow people into dropping a hint of what gift they want this valentines from their beloved ones.

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Convince your Customers- Nothing else Matters

Netflix’s funny video “Binge For Love” shocks the customers out of conventions. Valentines is the perfect time for dining out at fancy restaurants, but Netflix? Spending our day Netflixing around is something that few would have imagined. But after watching this super hilarious video, you might want to ditch all your to-do lists this valentines and get glued to Netflix.


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