Using Natures Pattern in a Custom Logo Design

Nature happens to be the base of inspiration for almost all designers. Using backgrounds with wooden texture, capturing rainwater drops on a leaf or a satellite view of a landscape are all awe-inspiring. When thinking of a design, a nature friendly environment has a significant impact on the senses, aiding a new custom logo design beyond expectations.

“On Earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it”. – Jules Renard
When it comes to 2 way communication, nature is the most optimum. In any stream of life nature has the power to hone the senses of a human mind leading it to tranquility and a burst of ideas that we probably wouldn’t ever achieve in a four cornered office. The decoration of nature’s pattern has been the root cause of our survival. A custom logo design or an image inspired by nature has a dominating advantage of ‘communication’ on the logo.


Painting of a Bison from 15000 BCE, Altamira Cave, and Cantabria, Spain.

Patterns of Evolution: Binding & Flowing
Movement transfers energy from one point to another under versatile circumstances. The pattern of connecting tree branches, gushing rivers, flow of blood in the nervous system, water making ways in to a lake and then in to an ocean are all examples of energy transgressed and relocated.

Energy transferred from the leafs to the trees and likewise blood in our nervous system circulated are all patterns of binding and flowing. Binding being rigid and flowing flexible, so how does this help with a custom logo design? The silver lining is when to use angles or curves as superior shapes for a variety of clients.

Binding or Branching Pattern in a logo design.
The branching pattern is described as nutrients moving from the roots of the tree in a circulatory motion to the leaves and fruits and the same pattern noticed in our veins. However for a custom logo design this pattern is to show speed, urgency or movement well used for a client for exchange or transportation. This pattern in a custom logo design has strong metaphorical possibilities for the client and the audience.


An example above of a textile design (left) depicts the branching pattern used in 1911. Electrically generated fractal branching patterns on the right show the rigidity and urgency that can be utilized in a custom design logo with dynamic backgrounds.

Flowing or Streaming Pattern in a logo design.
A streaming or a meander pattern in logo incorporate curves and follow their own path like rivers flowing in to the sea or streams curving through an estuary distributing nutrients to other plants and vegetation. The human brain is the best example:


The brain tissue and cortexes are all considered as a meander pattern (left) while also being responsible for holding a lot of information together and immediately available for use. The speed of thoughts inside the brain (right) spot the urgency of information which is considered as the branching pattern in a custom logo design. This is also a perfect example of both patterns working together flawlessly.

Branching patterns are direct and immediate while meandering (flowing) patterns are relaxed and calm. So, when it comes to designing all we need to concentrate on is that the meander implies a certain amount of fluidity and freedom and relaxed attitude.

The Contract and Expand Effect
We understand attraction either in detail or in expansion. In order to combine both the meander and branching pattern in to one fine custom logo design, one must experiment. An exercise at the end of this article will allow you to focus on natural forms, look a little deeper and express a pattern as a design.

On contracting especially in nature, infinite details emerge. While on expansion, an auto design may emerge. Each powerful enough to convey the right message.


Understanding the above patterns in general and then integrating them in to a concentrated logo design with the right metaphors and effective use of symbolism will gauge the audience’s intuition and interest. Cumulating these patterns in a single logo reinforces the language of your logo, adds depth and communicates effectively.

Exercise: Behold Nature – The Ultimate Illuminator

Required: A pencil, a sketch book and perhaps a subtle song plugged in to your ears and a walk to the nearest park

Key Focus: On nature, everything not man made including ourselves. As you find them sketch them, check to confirm which is more dominant. Try to integrate them if possible.

Details: Make one sketch while contracting on details and the other on expansion.

Imagination: Try to combine a meander or a flowing pattern with that of a branching one. Have at least 3 sketches ‘complete’ before leaving the park.

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