One of the most famous hotel management company we know today, Movenpick Hotels & Resorts unveiled its new logo design.


Image Credits: movenpick.com

In 1948 Mövenpick opened a restaurant in Zurich; it did not get into the hotel business until 1973. In 1973 Mövenpick opened two hotels near Zurich and in 1976 it expanded beyond the European border by opening its first hotel in Cairo.

The name Mövenpick was inspired by the feeding action of a gull, which in German is called “Mowe”. The “w” has been graphically transformed into a “v” as it looks like a bird flying. Here is what the logo looked like on their very first ads.


Image Credits: group.movenpick.com

The new logo design was done by London’s design agency, Bulletproof. Bulletproof was asked to create a new look that would refresh the existing logo design keeping in mind the roots of the brand. The Mövenpick Group wanted the new design to reflect quality, relaxation and friendliness of the brand.

Bulletproof said,” the power of the bird icon continues through to the wider brand world, with the graceful lines of the bird’s wingspan creating the architecture for the visual identity as brand marquee holders and windows into the Mövenpick world.”

In order to cater to the new vision of the Mövenpick Group “we make moments’ Bulletproof was instructed to bring life to the new identity that which communicates the vision accordingly:


Image Credits: Dexigner.com

Nick Bosworth, VP brand and marketing, said: “Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is deeply proud of its Swiss heritage. But in a world that’s becoming ever more global – and with our own international footprint of hotels growing each year – we needed a corporate identity that would connect at a deeper level with consumers in every market.”


Image Credits: movenpick.com

In my opinion the new logo design has refreshed the hotel’s identity. The bird image has been changed slightly and not removed as it is an integral part of Mövenpick’s origin.


Image Credits: Dexigner.com

The change in the typography is giving it a more professional look; the old bold font did make it look outdated. I also feel the color of the new design is now plum-ish and not blood red-ish.

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