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Found in 2007, the association between the University of Essex and the University of East Anglia gave birth to the University Campus Suffolk. Both Universities specialized and granted degrees to its students in the faculties of: Faculty of Arts, Business and Applied Social Science & the Faculty of Health and Science.

The commencement of this year, it was awarded the ‘University’ status by the Privy Council and thus now known as the University of Suffolk and has almost 5000 students across five sites in Suffolk County UK.

‘Only Studio’ a UK based design house created its new identity.


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As per Only Studio Creators, their emphasis lied on creating a bold, standard and flexible system, to accommodate the many features of the University. A forward facing angle is used throughout the identity to reflect progressive change, they stated. Furthermore the direction also adds to the Universities, Geographical location in the South East of England within the logo itself.

Compared to the old logo, the new one stand out and corresponds of education and sophistication. The old identity also acted as a median between two universities, thus the necessary change with remarkable font and intelligent designing. To be honest the logo, when compared with other university logos is most definitely boring and not appealing. Nevertheless, on a textbook or a banner, the new identity does strike to be serious about its policies and procedures.


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The use of black, yellow, white and grey are definitely communicative, but there is no ‘amazing’ or ‘gripping’ factor in the new identity. The colors are all nicely balanced along with the font and the use of the arrow intelligently narrates the location of the university, however, the use of the complete logo in accessories has been less, probably if it was utilized a bit more boldly on books, and the could be more presentable as an education logo design.

The difference of logos from one identity to another for the same organization could be a bit baffling at times. The use of Similar Sans Serif on applications other accessories when compared to Sharp Sans on the logo itself could be bewildering for some.


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To conclude, the logo looks far much better than its previous version. It also isn’t necessary for it to be a 100% corresponsive – as quality education is to be found and not to be attracted to immediately. Nevertheless the logo still has scope of improvements when put on the competition board. Although the colors and the neatness in the typeface definitely ring the bell as a winner for a creative and communicative logo design.

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