Trump & Pence – Then and Now



July 15th, 2016, the ‘World’ witnessed yet another inappropriate logo design and this time in a political campaign representation. It was only minutes after Donald Trump confirmed Mike Pence as his choice for VP, he rolled out a new identity in a fund raising email. Well the Trump-Pence Logo really wasn’t a good idea or a design for that matter as confirmed by analysts, critics and designers altogether:


As per Marcel Cornett – a graphic designer at TCC, the design was just made in a jiffy. He further added that someone just added the letters together and connected typography that wasn’t meant to be connected at all, ‘the actual attempt was to make a flag’ he claimed, ‘but it wasn’t the way they wanted it to be’.

On the ‘T’ interlocked with the ‘P’, he stated that combining the first two letters is perhaps the first thing a designer would do, in order to give hints to a relation and what better way to depict the ‘T’ in the ‘P’? But the way it was completed was extremely inappropriate and wasn’t given a second thought as per Marcel. Thus with the Republican Main Event being the RNC (Republican National Convention) held today – should truly give a hint to Donald J Trump and his party for the current identity crisis with the new alliance and the much needed logo redesign.

The last 72 hours, the internet was taken over completely by the unsuitable representation of a political alliance.


Nevertheless, the inappropriate logo was stormed by both Social Media and the Regular Media and thus a new logo has been unveiled for Mike Pence and Donald Trump. A Trump Campaign Spokesman ‘Jason Miller’, justified the new logo and stated, that they have a number of logos of which the final one will not be revealed until the convention which is today July 18th 2016’. The new logo however so far is as of below:


Probably a designer or lead designer was fired for the logo earlier by Donald Trump, but is this a notification for all of us?

Donald J Trump’s brand value overall has already taken a beating, but with the new logo and the revamp afterwards depicts and substantiates accountability of flaws, setbacks and mistakes.

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