Time to Bid Farewell to Apple’s Glowing Logo Design

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Apple just revealed its new line of MacBook Pros without mentioning that its glowing Apple logo design has been replaced by a reflective chrome Apple logo. Did Apple really think its users wouldn’t notice or accept this change?

Apple has a cult following, and that’s what makes it a strong brand. Using Apple devices to some signify social status. Now you tell me, if you were using your MacBook sitting at Starbucks and there were two other people using their laptops there as well (of another brand of course), who would grab more attention? You! Of course! Why? Because, that lit up Apple logo would be an eye catcher.

Would the chrome Apple logo do to same? I don’t think so! Although the new touch bar looks pretty slick and the new MacBook Pro will be the first to have a touch ID. Check out the video below to see what the new MacBook Pro is all about.

Apple’s new chrome logo design will obviously have zero effect on MacBook Pro’s functionality and it will obviously be better than the previous generations of MacBook.


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But the fans of the glowing logo design, who took it as a symbol of superiority and a point of differentiation are indeed disappointed. They see Apple taking away from them features that are important and somehow handicap them for example removing the USB port, headphones jack, SD card slot, and some other functions. Apple users may now just be fearful of what they may lose next. Let’s take a look at some tweets of disappointed Apple users.





Image Credits: Twitter Snapshots.

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