The Power of Typography

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Typography is about incorporating text in the design whilst creating impactful content. It provides a striking appearance along with preserving the aesthetic significance of the content you have created. It ensures a great user experience and also sets the overall tone of your content.

Typography is the knack of arranging all the content to give a feel to it, and present the information in an extremely professional way. If you want to attract attention to your content you should give the typography to be used extreme importance. Here are some reasons why:

Attracts the Reader:



Choosing the incorrect color or font for your typography can result in a disaster. Not only will you lose potential customers, but the design will also lose its essence.

The first rule is to select the correct font is to select a type that is legible.  The text should not be tacky and small, as fonts add significance to the text. The correct selection of text size, font and colors can play an important role in attracting your target audience.

Helps Create Synchronization:


Recurrence of the same font throughout your presentation generates simplicity and continuity. Keeping the fonts in proportion and aligned synchronizes the presentation, keeping it uncluttered. Using too many different fonts might confuse some users and may be too tawdry.

Conveys a Certain Feeling or Mood:


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If your content is advertising a fun product like a videogame, the typography used should present information about it in a fun and playful manner. The text should match the personality of the brand and product it is used for. Making it too somber and monotonous would make readers lose interest without even reading about the product.

On the other hand, if the content you are working on requires a seriousness tone, targeting older audience, you should go for fonts which are professional, plain and simple.

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