The Making of Stranger Things Logo – and then make your own ‘Strange’ Logo

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Stranger Things happens to be a great show on Netflix and is a must watch! The logo, automatically wants you to watch it – intriguing curiosity for at least one watch. The story revolves around a mother played by Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers whose 12 year old son goes missing and then a number of mysteries unravel, including secret government experiments, supernatural forces and a mysterious and a very unusual girl.

The way the ‘Stranger Things’ logo was created is showcased in a video below from, illustrating details about the animated logo:

The new tool to create your own strange things styled logo has intrigued the media to the extent where the masses could write anything in the same animated font and color.




Overall, the font and the glowing red in the animated logo design, attracts masses and communicates ‘strangeness’ like never before. Goes to show that creativity when shared can surge a brand, a television sitcom or even an untold story. This would make the masses tune in to the show for sure!

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