The Fascinating Women’s Day Google Doodle Reveals Why Exactly Women Are Important

Who does not like change? Don’t think much because we all do especially when it’s about getting up in the morning and starting a boring office task with the same coffee mug. Even our computer genie, Google knows that. One day, I turned on my computer and noticed a catchy series of images showcasing an event on Google’s homepage. Google never fails to celebrate people, events and holidays, grabbing attention of many by making temporary alterations on their homepage through what they call, Google Doodle. Father’s day, Earth day, Thanksgiving or Olympic Games, all the doodles were quite interesting to leap in our minds.

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International Women’s Day has been marked to acknowledge economic, social, cultural and political milestones achieved by women in our society. This celebration started in 1908 when a group of women gathered in New York to demand fair pay and growth.  Like any other day, Google celebrated it too.

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Women’s Day Google doodle, the slide show of 8 intriguing and playful images, flagged to announce Women’s Day message- empowering women. The Google Doodle narrates a story of a little girl who is being told a tale of her favorite historical hero by her grandma- yes, the hero is a woman. Then this little girl scrolled her imagination to meet 13 remarkable ladies from the past; they are pilots, astronauts, dancers, doctors, mathematicians and singers. Many of them were celebrated by Google doodle already, but only in the origin of their country. Google grabbed a chance to honor them all internationally on this day.

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All Image credits: GOOGLE.COM

Smart use of colors and playfulness truly fascinated me reaching out that little girl’s dreams. The concept of 2017 Women’s Day #BeBoldForChange is trending internationally on social media platforms. Google joined hands through their home-screen, motivating their users to respect and rejoice it. Women’s Day Google doodle has created more awareness internationally, telling stories from history of Lina Bo Bardi a female Brazilian architect, Lotfia El Nadi an Egyptian female pilot and Sally Ride a female American astronaut, followed by 10 more great women. Through a journey that touches the craft of time and space, celebrating the idea of phenomenal roles of women was the tale of Women’s day Google doodle.

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