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July 18, 2016, Quicken Loans Arena – Cleveland, Ohio is when and where the Republican National Convention (RNC) would be kicking off. The choice? Former Reality T.V star out of the list of other past experiences he has had – Donald J Trump has been elected and will be formally nominated as their presumptive nominee as elected by the GOP supporters around the country.

A confirmed Trump nomination is what is expected after this convention however, it seems to be nail-biting till the end and extremely interesting given the fact that the email cloud still looms over the Democratic Nominee – Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. Nevertheless as the RNC event approaches, we figure out what the logo is all about and who was the designer?


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Falls Communications, a Public Relations firm designed this year’s RNC custom design logo featuring the GOP party’s Red Elephant walking across a Blue Electric Guitar. Bringing together of the Elephant and the Guitar in the RNC’s 41st nominating convention logo was influenced and inspired by Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Apparently the logo was unveiled late last year however with the RNC just around the corner it was imperative to know what the logo is trying to communicate in terms of power and also a bit of history that is attached to it.
To note, the last RNC was held in Tampa Bay – Times Forum- Tampa from August 27th-30th 2012 with just the GOP Party’s Elephant with the U.S Flag as the background, however the current logo communicates of a different point of view altogether when compared:

A few take away points made from the current logo is that the Blue Guitar not only represents the city’s Rock Hall, but also the Democratic History attached with Cleveland itself; most likely by appealing to the undecided voters (and they are a huge margin) for the general election. GOP hopeful Mitt Romney couldn’t get a single vote from Cleveland as of 2012, during his presidential campaign in nine of Cleveland’s precincts, hence it is believed that the RNC chose Cleveland as a venue and this particular identity for 2016 to state and plan their victory over Cleveland City this fall.

Statistically though, the most recent report as per the VCR (Voter Control Report) on Cuyahoga County – mainly where Cleveland Voters reside – there are 228,646 registered Democrats and 152,170 Republicans – & a staggering 483,949 are unaffiliated voters. So they question remains whether the Republican Party will truly be able to meet and exceed the number of Cleveland registered voters this fall?


Steve King the leader of the GOP Committee said in a statement with that this powerful logo has been seen across the world and it will be identified with the city and the convention. He further stated the significance of utilizing a local company to design the logo.

What matters is how Cleveland and its voters would respond to the convention altogether, whereas the RNC is looking forward to earn their support especially from the unregistered voters. – Can’t wait for the Voters Control Report after the RNC.

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