From Supremacy to Mediocracy; Identity Logo Design Changes of 2016

As we bid farewell to 2016, it is time to review the happenings of the year. A lot of big brands went through identity logo design changes. Some designs were truly inspiring while some were not so great. We will review some logos that in my opinion, would have been better unchanged

Disclaimer: These are strictly my personal opinions, and I in no way intend to hurt the image of these amazing brands.

Taco Bell




Taco Bell is a Tex-Mex chain of fast food that has tacos, burritos and other Mexican food. Taco Bell logo was recently revealed in November. The new identity logo design has been widely criticized as being flavorless.




When the new instragram logo was unveiled, people made fun of it. They came out with funny pictures and memes to degrade it. The new identity is poorly designed; only a gradient effect has been added. The old camera icon was more relevant to Instagram, than the new icon.

Master Card



As we all know Master Card is an American multinational that offers financial services. I personally like the old Master Card logo, the new identity logo design to me seems like two plain suns are intersecting. A professional touch is missing from the new design.




Image Credits: BRANDEMIA.ORG

Although, HP has announced that it will be using its new logo on premium products only. This will be really confusing for the consumers. The new design whether it will later be used on all HP products, or not, is not pleasing to the eye. To me it looks like four lines are running parallel at different speeds.

Grub hub



GrubHub is a giant online and mobile food ordering platform. Its old design would definitely catch the attention of people who used the subway or the bus for their commute. The new fonts take away the funkiness of the logo. The new identity logo design is plain and boring, and looks a lot like Netflix’s logo.




Aquafina is a PepsiCo owned water brand. When it comes to water brands don’t matter to people, as long it fulfills the utilitarian purpose of quenching ones thirst. The old design was more vibrant and the blue mountain imagery gave it a very cool and fresh look. If you notice the new mountain imagery resembles the sand dunes of the Sahara, hot and dry-not so refreshing.



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