The Subliminal Meaning of McDonald’s Iconic Logo Design


Image Credits:  MCDONALDS.COM

McDonalds, the world famous fast food chain has around 36,000 locations. Its daily revenue is approximately US $75 million. Almost everyone has eaten a meal at McDonald’s, even those who aren’t so fond of the fast food chain. Has anyone ever wondered what the meaning of its logo design is?

It has finally been revealed that McDonald’s iconic logo design coveys a subliminal message.  The golden arches of the letter ‘m’ resemble a mother’s nourishing breasts. Those of you who don’t have a dirty mind, after reading the last sentence scroll up and take a look at the design again, makes sense right?

mcdonalds banner 1


All this time McDonald’s has been seducing us into buying; the two arches aim at providing a nurturing and comforting feeling, the same a mother would give to its infant by breastfeeding.

Eric Schlosser said in “Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American meal”, that’s in the 1960’s McDonald’s wanted to change its logo design, but design consultant and psychologist Lewis Cheskin advised against it.

He said that the breast shaped design was in line with the Freudian theory of humans being sexually driven.

im lovin it

Image Credits:  MCDONALDS.COM

This is how McDonald’s has embedded loyalty in consumers from a young age by targeting their subconscious through their logo design that has a hidden meaning.

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