Southwark Council Logo Redesigned for £15,000, but is there a difference?



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The London Borough of Southwark consists of 21 wards. Apparently 3 councilors are elected from each ward, surging to a total of 63 councilors. The Labour Party has 48 councilors, the Liberal Democrat has 13 and the Conservative Party has 2. Elections for the council are held every 4 years, the last on 22nd May 2014. The council employs officers to carry out its policies and run services and the officers themselves are managed by the Chief Executive.

Southwark is the 9th highest populous country of England with Wales at 9,988 residents, per square kilometer. The government website has immense information and also serves as a notice board and job portal web page. From events, organizations, leisure and culture, all on one page for the diverse cultures of Southwark. However the new logo design for Southwark has made a few rounds on the internet.

The sum total spent for the new identity is approximately £15,400. With an amount as much, especially in England, you could purchase a car, a good down payment for a house or even open your own organization or travel the world. The logo has an uncanny resemblance with its prior identity and I mean literally as seen below:


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Obviously, Social Media users didn’t approve of it and neither did some of the designers, as the dot from the first logo was only mixed with the slanting stroke and there is absolutely no difference with regards to the font. But the difference is with the font size, the placement of ‘outhwark’ a bit lower to the capital ‘S’.
Furthermore the word ‘Council’ is below the slanting stroke in better font and not to forget the shape of the Capital ‘S’ in the new logo is different and communicates a human side attached to the complete logo. The color ‘Grey’ depicts humanity, hence the logo remains communicative, plus the depiction of the website for public awareness looks good. But £15000? Was it worth it? People across Social Media didn’t think so –


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Image Credits: Twitter Snapshot

As people weren’t happy about the amount of money spent on the logo design and also the fact that it wasn’t different from the previous logo, a spokesperson for Southwark Council stated with Mirror Online that they refreshed their identity to bring it up to date across all delivery channels including digital and introduced the identity in December 2015.

The Spokesperson from the Southwark further stated that the old logo was created in 1998 before the digital age and then refreshed in 2009 and now doesn’t meet their needs with respects to the digital age. It was confirmed by the spokesperson that the copyright of the logo also belongs to the council.


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The current website still depicts the old logo. Nevertheless, the Council Leader Peter John was able to defend the new identity and rebrand stating that the council had saved over 156 million in the last five years and continued to protect services, maintained council tax and delivered free swimming pools and gyms.

In his own words he stated that at times you have to invest to save, specifically when moving services online and this new identity was part of that migration. He confirmed that the new identity is already saving time and money for staff and was confident that it would provide information online to the masses as per their requests.

Our Conclusion here is that the logo redesign was ‘alright’ with regards to the color choice, the change in font and the position of words. But it most definitely is expensive and thus doesn’t settle with the masses of Southwark.

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