Snoop Dogg’s Leafs by Snoop Logo vs. Toronto Maple Leafs Logo


Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment requested the court for more time to scrutinize the challenge to Leafs by Snoop Trademark and logo used by the Rapper Snoop Dogg on his line of weed products.

The similarity between Snoop Dogg’s logo ‘Leaf by Snoop’ and the ‘Toronto Maple Leafs logo’ has caused disturbance whether it should or shouldn’t be challenged by the Canadian Ice Hockey Team.

MLSE or Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment who own the Toronto Maple Leafs Ice Hockey Team has applied for more time to consider whether or not to completely challenge the logo in its similarity. Showcasing a number of product lines for different marijuana flavors and mixes, the website as well depicts the complete logo with a shade of gold and green in the background.


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In his defense, Calvin Broadus aka ‘Snoop Dogg’ filed the trademark application for the Leafs by Snoop Custom Logo Design, last November to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


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Kelly Lynch, National Hockey Leagues legal counsel had filed a 90 day extension request on MLSE’s behalf asking the Alexandria, Virginia Based Trademark Office to confirm Snoop Doggs Trademark Registration which was granted on June 8th.


When you look at both the logos, there isn’t exactly a lot of resemblance except for the leaf, and the font embossed on the leaf. The 7 pointed leaf of Snoop Dogg does most certainly differ from the Toronto Maple Leafs Logo with 31 points. However, substantiated history attached to the Ice Hockey Team Logo, where the same symbolic representation was on the badges worn by players from 1940’ to 1960’s and the 1931 opening of the Maple Leaf Gardens (Toronto’s Historic Ice Hockey Arena) has most certainly raised a cause for concern. Apart from the color and font being different it goes to show that a custom logo may be misrepresented and hence a historic brand name could be at risk.


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It was further argued that Trademark Laws in the United States and Canada would primarily consider if the logo causes confusion in the minds of the consumers.

An Intellectual Property Lawyer Neil Milton quoted on Thursday that the MLSE wasn’t primarily concerned whether consumers would be confused while looking at Toronto Maple Leafs Tickets and comparing them with Snoop’s Pot Products, but more about the bewilderment caused by the Leafs by Snoop logo on potential Spinoff Merchandise.


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To clear the above statement, Milton said that if both logos appear together, on a T- Shirt or a sporting shirt they are going to cause confusion for sure.

While Snoop Dogg last year in January, filed a US Trademark Application under the Leafs by Snoop brand, for clothing accessories, which was later abandoned, the current application is limited only to cigarette lighters.


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However, the NHL has a record for aggressively defending the trademark of its sports franchises. In the past, it managed to demand $ 89,000 for trademark infringement from a restaurant owner in Montreal whose window sign displayed a Montreal Canadians Hockey Jersey along with “ Go Habs Go”, a cheer for the teams nickname.

Snoop Dogg’s line of pot products, launched in November 2015 and has sold in Marijuana stores in Colorado and this isn’t the only line of products Snoop Dogg has from the Cannabis Market.

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