Rio 2016 Olympics: The Olympic Medal & a Protective Casing

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The 2016 Rio Olympics Sophisticated Medal Casing

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2016 Olympics Logo was confirmed to be a 3 dimensional image whereas Milton Glaser ranked all the logo designs confirming which stood out the most. The casing nevertheless seems not only attractive but also serves as a protective shell for the hidden treasure within it.

The Olympics medals have ancient Greek Mythological History attached to it. The very first Olympics was held in 1896 where the actual front or the Obverse: was Zeus holding Nike whereas the Reverse: was the Acropolis as shown below:




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Since the 1896 Olympics, things obviously have changed from the sports logo design presentation of the Greek Gods to the dimensions of the Olympic Medal. After the official ceremony these were the images for the packaging of the Olympic Medals:




The changes observed in the medal for this year’s Olympics are depicted below:




Image displaying the Obverse and the Reverse of the Olympic Medal.

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On the Obverse: the Greek Goddess of Victory as per the Ancient Greek Religion who personified victory ‘Nike’ is present with wings as she was also known as the ‘Winged Goddess of Victory’.

On the Reverse: The Rio 2016 Logo and Name surrounded by a Laurel Leaf Design in the form of the wreaths.

On the Edge:  The name of the event for which the medal was won is engraved by Laser along the outside edge


What has been new since all the historic Olympics ever held is the thickness of the medals!


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