Pokémon Logo & Pokémon Go Application

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Approximately 5 years ago, Niantic changed the way people had diverse interactions around the world with the help of the world’s first ‘real world gaming’ platform. By coherently understanding the gaming technology and tapping in to the user interface of smart phones and locational technology and building a massive measurable server with global location dataset – thus helping user globally to socialize, have fun and get fit as they utilize the abilities of the application and explore. Ingress was such a game which opened the eyes of the viewers to a new world of gaming where one wouldn’t need to be fixed on the seat or a couch.

Its sounds unbelievable but the Ingress game also intrigued people to travel the world in the quest of helping their fantasy faction control the world.

Their next venture apparently has taken the world by a ‘STORM’, an augmented reality game “Pokémon GO” so powerful that it exceeded utilization of the application development services in USA & across the globe just within a few days of its launch beyond the usage of Twitter.

A bit of History of Pokémon Series – The Logo-

The Pokémon logo was actually in Japanese for Capsule Monsters and had different variations all along until it was translated to English, as seen below:

Pokémon Go Surpasses Twitter Usage in daily active users.riginally it wasn’t Pokémon, it was called Capsule Monsters

1990 – 1994 (Prototype)
1996-2002 (Generations 1 and 2)

Generation 1

Also known as pocket Monsters – Generation 2

When the revamped English version was leaked in 1997 (which still remains firm with a bit of tweaks and turns) it was then that the series really picked up.
1997 Early Logo



And the Evolution continued and remained till date as followed:


Image Credits: www.reddit.com

Due to trademark issues the name was changed from Capsule Monsters to Pocket Monsters. When it comes to the logo and the artwork was by artist ‘Ken Sugimori’ who was a friend of the creator and original concept developer ‘Satoshi Tajiri’.

Pokémon Logo Font

There is a Pokémon specified font used in the Pokémon Logo. The logo is available in manga, anime, trading cards, toys, applications, games, books etc. The original font has been designed with comic style lettering. The font is available in 2 styled, Pokémon Solid and Pokémon Hollow – which are free and easy to download online.

Pokémon Go Surpasses Twitter Usage in daily active users.


Sales of Pokémon Games that declined steadily


Pokemon faced a lot of competition in the past 20 years and had declined in terms of delivery and productivity. BUT NOW – a lot of adults and children together are playing Pokémon GO, calling it a healthy exercise for the mind and body. Some even considered it as a motivational application to be worked with in rehabilitation centers thus occupying minds of the many

The use of Pokémon Go over other applications on a daily base –


Pokémon Application

Pokémon is built on Google App Engines Platform as a service (PaaS) which provides the game with a mobile backend, while Niantic Labs stores and indexes Pokémon Go’s data from the game using Google’s Cloud Data store’s NoSQL Database.

The game utilizes Libgdx as the apps framework and uses Java, C++ and C# as the programming languages, along with the Game Engine product UNITY to help create the massive multiplayer online game world that builds off real world maps.

Pokémon Go uses Google Analytics to measure on insights of its usage across the globe.

The most cutting edge technology utilized is the AR (Augmented reality) that allows players to see the Pokémon in the wild via the camera on their smartphones. Apart from GPS features from the smartphones, it maps and follows players in real time allowing people to find different types of Pokémon’s in different places from land, air and water areas.


The cutest Pokémon ever:

You may like the ever trending Pikachu as much as I do, nevertheless Jigglypuff always makes me smile and she happens to be the one who beats Pikachu:



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