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We all know PayPal counters traditional payment methods by providing the world an online payments system that supports online money transfers. PayPal filed a complaint against Paytm for copying their logo design.


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For those who don’t know what Paytm is, Paytm that stands for “pay through mobile” is an Indian e-commerce website, which launched a Paytm Wallet in 2014. This became India’s largest mobile payment service platform.

Paypal filed a complaint with the Indian Trademark office against Paytm on 18th November 2016. What is interesting here is that Paytm was at the final stage of registration, it advertised its logo design on 28th July, 2016, which marked the start of the statutory period of four months in which the logo could be opposed. But PayPal waited until the last day to file the complaint. The PayPal logo has been around for quite some time. The color gradients of the PayPal logo haven’t changed since 2007.



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PayPal has accused Paytm of using the same color as its logo. The first syllable of both the company names is “pay”, which PayPal fears will confuse and delude customers. PayPal does not want its customers to be confused, as people tend to recognize the first syllable more than the second one.

PayPal’s complaint said “These similarities cause a likelihood of confusion… There is no reason for the Applicant (Paytm) to adopt the identical colors and color scheme other than to take advantage of the reputation the Opponent (PayPal) has built up into this combination in connection with its popular services.”

Rahul Dev, Principal Patent & Trademark Attorney, Tech Corp Group said Proceedings are general but PayPal is trying to play monopoly over the word ‘Pay’, which is generic in the sector of financial services, and numerous brands use the word Pay as part of their complete brand. If one brands get the majority, it won’t be good for the market.”


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In my opinion PayPal did wait until the last day to file a complaint, perhaps a strategy to show dominance – and why not, a trademark specifically confirms that even the slightest resemblance could automatically qualify for a lawsuit.. I agree that both logos are using different shades of the same color blue and that the first syllable of both the logos is the same. PayPal should have filed a complaint earlier, but this goes to show that  Paytm is considered as a  direct rival, both cater to different markets-one to the international market and the other to the Indian market.


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