Opel Has Slightly Altered Its Logo Design


Opel is a German automobile manufacturer, and is a subsidiary of General Motors. Opel was founded by Adam Opel in 1862 as a sewing machine manufacturer. In 1886 the company started manufacturing bicycles, and in 1899 it produced its first automobile.

Recently, Opel introduced Opel Insignia in which it unveiled its new logo design. The Opel Insignia will officially launch in March 2017 at the Geneva Motor Show. The Geneva Motor Show is held annually in the month of March in the Swiss city of Geneva. This year will mark the show’s 87th year.



Although this change is subtle, it represents something. Normally when a company is about to do something big or introduce something new, they change or alter their existing logo design.

Opel aims at achieving a milestone by introducing 27 new vehicles and 17 new engines by the year 2018. This the why it has unveiled its new logo design to mark the new events.

In my opinion, the new identity is sharper, and somehow looks more technology driven. The silver color used in the new design is definitely different, looks like the old one has been polished to give it a cleaner and sharper new look.







All Image Credits:  BRANDEMIA.ORG

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