Once Upon A Brand

Storytelling has become largely popular in the world of advertising. Storytelling is nothing new, it is merely a way of communicating in a manner that captures our imaginations, invokes emotions and moves us in a way logic cant.

“The best brands are built on Great Stories – Ian Rowden”

How it Started:

The concept of storytelling is very old, it’s deep seated in our roots and it always plays a part in our decision making consciously or subconsciously. When I was a kid, I used to love watching Popeye. I used to watch it all the time. Popeye used to eat a can of spinach every time he needed strength and he’d get super strong post consumption. Seeing that I started eating spinach even though I was never a fan of vegetables. My point is that stories captivate us, motivate our actions and develop our Imaginations from a very young age.

Brands work in a similar fashion. We remember stories and experiences over facts and figures.

Your Brand Story:

Storytelling plays a significant role in building your brand. It’s about the feelings and emotions that kindles in the heart and mind of your consumers when they think about your brand.

Your brand story is not limited to the content on a website or text on a brochure, it’s more than that. It’s giving any communication a personality, be it be an advertisement, blog post, a social media post or anything. Everything from your logo to everybody associated with your brand is a part of your brand story. It is not limited to what you write or say about your brand, it is about the signals your brand sends.

Care to Share your Story:


You are just as good as any other brand if you don’t have a powerful story. You are replaceable if there is nothing unique about your brand and it’s not just about being unique. It’s about developing a bond between you and your brand, creating something that people care about and want to invest in and become a part of. It is not just a catchphrase to attract people’s attention; it is the cornerstone of your brand and the future of your brand’s growth strategy.
Did you start your business with a single room and a staff of two before becoming a global brand? Backstories are a great way to bring originality and personality to your brand.
Your product becomes an instrument to your story if it is communicated well enough, its only part of the experience that your brand offers.

“Great Stories happen to those who can tell them – Ira Glass”
A brand story is not always what we tell people, it’s about what people tell each other and the big picture of your brand.
Pixels Logo Design helps you in exploring your brand’s story and how to best tell it. We will help communicate your brand essence, create a brand personality a story that customers can believe in and identify with. Contact Pixels Logo Design now for a brand that resonates.

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