No Third Party Service Required To Post Videos Directly To Reddit

No Third Party Service Required To Post Videos Directly To Reddit


Reddit has announced a big and most likely to be welcomed change coming to its website. This positive change is the allowance of native video uploads. After the feature was tested out in over 200 communities, native video hosting is now rolled out for all Reddit users.

This new feature provides the users the ability to upload and share videos on Reddit without using a third party service. Until now, all users had to upload their videos to another website and then post the link to Reddit if they wanted to share it.

Native video uploading is both supported on the mobile and desktop versions of Reddit. Users will be able to upload videos which have been prerecorded from their devices to the Reddit mobile application. You can also shoot videos and upload them immediately by giving your application access to the camera.

Video should be in either MOV or MP4 format and should be no longer than fifteen minutes. By using Reddit’s innovative M4 convertor you can also turn your videos into GIFS. Videos uploaded using the mobile application can also be trimmed to include only the most important parts.

Because Reddit wants to provide users with the ease of use, it has made the app in a fashion which allows you to watch the video and post comments at the same time. When using the desktop version, the video player could be shrunk and made to stay on top of the page allowing users to scroll through the comments. On the other hand, while using the mobile app, the video player remains on the top of the page whilst the bottom half is scrollable.

Reddit has stated enhanced user experience as one of the major reasons behind the new native video hosting. Posting a video to Reddit which was previously a hassle for users has now become relatively easier. The viewing experience too has become seamless.

According to Reddit’s blog post “We found that the most engaging types of video weren’t coming from popular users trying to establish their individual brands, as you might see on other platforms. Instead, our video adopters so far have been creating and sharing videos to engage within their specific Reddit communities, as an organic extension of conversations already happening on each subreddit.

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