New Logo and Identity for NatWest

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The result of 3 banks (National Provincial Bank, Westminster Bank and District Bank) coming together in 1968 formed the original National Westminster Bank (NatWest). The financial giant caters to 14 million customers in the UK and has been a part of RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland). The London Office of Future Brand helped NatWest with a new logo and identity.
The Slogan ‘We are what we do’ is depicted perfectly, along with their new logo as of 22 September 2016:

The logo was also displayed for their Mobile Application as seen below in the video:



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A graphical representation of how the logo has evolved from the original 3D cube logo that was found in their 1968 guidelines, to that of interchanging arrows (mimicking the recycle logo) and then back to the original 3 Dimensional look from 1968.


The original page from the 1968 NatWest Guidelines.

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Bank Stationary

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 Here is the new logo with a statement from Dan Witchell, Executive Creative Director of Future Brand London:


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The new logo definitely manages to communicate and compete amidst the competition. The difference between designing a company logo and an identity for a financial institution is clearly visible and incorporated perfectly by Future Brand London. The color gradients of purple could have been a bit lighter, but both the colors (red and purple) are exemplary in complementing each other. My first reaction was towards the logo on the application and then the advertisement, the goal was to have it effectively corresponding with the ‘busy’ masses on the streets of UK. It manages to accomplish that task immaculately.

Future Brand also introduced a new identity for Royal Bank of Scotland which has been a financial giant since 1727.


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The short advert gives an insight of what is expected for the Royal Bank of Scotland and its brand identity, because I couldn’t stumble upon Future Brand creating a logo for RBS – the clip gives us insight of a new approach:


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