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The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a new logo. Within the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, the FDA helps ensuring the safety, quality, security and capability of human and veterinary drugs, various vaccines and medical devices, plus the same administration governs and is responsible for the security of food supply across United States of America, including cosmetics, supplements, electronic devices and tobacco products. (Although that E-CIG is still unapproved by the FDA)

The New Logo showcased on MedWatch Minute for health professionals:

The FDA website is ‘live’ with the new FDA logo as seen below:


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On the other hand, the logo itself seems a bit off from what it was, the old logo had maintained stability and probably didn’t need that immediate change:



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FDA Logo Conclusion:

The F and D are designed in the same way as before, nevertheless, the use of negative space is either trying to give out a P or a hidden message which isn’t easily decipherable. The first thing that strikes a mind, is UNICEF. Why? Because the colors Blue and White, especially blue for the font and white background hint for a United Nations Organization symbol. Overall, the Logotype may be accepted over time, but definitely not now.

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