New American Horror Story Logo – Season 6- Revealed



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The old American Horror Story logo was in black and white and had image depiction within its font. It managed to create as many ripples across as possible. But it with the current Season 6 about to be aired, all social media channels pertaining to the ‘American Horror Story’ have changed their logo. A rebranding touch with a new identity is probably what the chilling series needed.


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Showing the new entertainment logo off before Season 6 on Social Media channels, the thrilling drama depicted the number ‘6’ with remarkable creativity, adding a question mark, plus the use of negative space yet again in another logo this week (apart from Justice Leagues Logo) – thus enticing the curious minds of their fans for what’s in store. The color Red prominently displays ‘blood’ for horror where as the black background not only throws the complete image at the viewer but also helps concentrate on the hidden message within the logo (number 6). The Facebook Page evidently has the below image setup for the cover photo:

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Fans don’t seem estatic about the previous season and are ‘now’ waiting for a better script for Season 6. They have certainly outdone themselves with this intelligent design- now only time can tell whether this season is as horrifying as their new logo.

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