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Netflix Icon
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Xapo Icon
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So, a friend was constantly telling me since a week that the Xapo icon for the Digital Money Company and the Netflix ‘new’ icon has uncanny resemblance. The image above as I understand has a difference in color gradients, nevertheless when looked at on a smart phone the resemblance might I conclude is uncanny!


Xapo, founded in 2013, is a Switzerland based organization that which provides a bitcoin wallet, combined with a cold storage vault and a bitcoin based debit card. It’s an international money transfer secure portal which has its own application online.


So the logo and its icon was all developed in 2013 – launched in 2014, knowing this would I dare to say that Netflix has either consciously or subconsciously made a copy? Probably not. There’s nothing to lose in terms of the Netflix brand, but if this was a conscious effort then we believe it’s time for either Netflix to revamp the Icon or Xapo to change its brand identity, because similarities always cause confusion for users.

The number of UX and UI designers, designing and redesigning and are in to innovative apps development would probably agree that a similarity is always a matter of coincidence. What looms as a question is would either party make any changes whatsoever? Only time would tell…

Last but not the least, similarities always spark trademark arguments – in this case I think one would be unnecessary because either party probably isn’t aware of it yet (or they have a mutual agreement on identity).
Do let us know whether you feel that there is a resemblance and either party should either change their current ‘icon’, or if you have different views with regards to their similarities.

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