Netflix has a new ‘N’ icon



Old vs. New

Approximately 18 hours ago, Netflix changed its logo only on mobile applications and certain Social Media Websites. The brands old image has always reminded its viewers of a Hollywood Production House like Universal, Marvel or Fox, with the 3 dimensional extrusion, successfully attracting masses.


Netflix Old Representation

Nevertheless, the new logo isn’t a big NO! It’s communicative in its own way, taking less space and daring to compete in the market. Furthermore it’s not shedding its past away completely, it’s maintained the silhouette of the original depiction, but has lost the catchy 3D extrusion. The only time that this logo was changed was in 2014 as displayed below:


Netflix Symbol Change as of 2014

The website however has the same old depiction, except for the application on smartphones and the Facebook account. The change has obviously received mixed reactions from the internet:

Business Insider was told by the company (Netflix) that they are rolling out a new icon that will be incorporated in to its mobile apps, along with other product integrations in the near future’.


Seems like the Netflix ITunes Tag still remains the same.

Netflix remains to be the giant in providing achieved movies and TV series for viewers worldwide. Based on the organizations comments to Business Insider, the new logo change has already rolled out across IPhones, iPads, Apple TV and more, some of the viewers had basic communication with Netflix via Twitter for their new Icon:



While some took to the internet with similarities of other logos:


All in all, time will tell as it’s too early to say what responses the masses would have completely about the new Icon from Netflix. While Netflix remains constant with the fact that the ‘logo’ hasn’t changed but only a small representation alteration.

Looks far better than the Instagram update, what are your takes on this?

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