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The most exciting part about having that one glass of milk before going to bed when I was a kid was Nesquik. The chocolate flavor was my favorite and its mascot, the bunny has been strongly embedded into my childhood memory and I’m sure it’s a part of every American child’s memory! They have a new logo design and their mascot updated!

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, Nesquick is Nestlé’s brand, famously known for its chocolate flavored milk. Its other flavors mainly include strawberry, banana, and vanilla. Some flavors that were introduced, but discontinued included cherry, mango, cream, etc. Nesquik launched its cereal in 1999.

Nesquik not only changed its logo design but devised a new branding. The agency that designed Nesquik’s new identity is FutureBrand.


OLD                                                                     NEW

If we take a look at the new logo gradient color and a flat logo design has been applied, the use of flat designs has become common amongst big brands. The dot on the letter “i” has been replaced with a drop.

Nesquiks new typography names the made more readable. The yellow color is associated with energy, here it represents the rising sun. Here is what Senior VP FutureBrand says about the yellow color “Is the way that gives strength to the children for the day that lies ahead from the sun, through the great tasting nutritious and balanced breakfast.”

Not only was the logo changed Nesquik’s mascot “Quicky” was also altered to give it a more realistic and lively look. According to Nestle “Quicky is one of the favorite pets of children and is recognized by more than 97% of them.”

Here is what the new packaging looks like.




All Image Credits: www.brandemia.org


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