NASA to put ‘Groot’ and ‘Rocket Raccoon’ on its new mission identity as Patch and Logo


The official Emblem for The Oasis Project
Image Credits: YouTube Screenshot

The people in NASA are not people, they are definitely inhumane to have superpowers & super skills to land on the Moon, orbit space and literally spend hours, days, weeks, months and even years in space stations!
GUESS AGAIN. They are as nerdy and inquisitive as we are and here is the proof. On a recent mission the ISS (International Space Station), made the space operations exciting by honoring 2 of the most popular characters from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – on a mission patch with ‘Groot’ & ‘Rocket Raccoon for the Oasis Project. The amazing entertainment logo design was launched at Comic Con San Diego 2016.


The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) had the announcement on Friday stating that Groot and Rocket Raccoon will be the official mission patch representing all payloads heading the National Laboratory on the International Space Station!

Director James Gunn officially tweeted the logo patch from the San Diego Comic Con Announcement:


Image Credits: Twitter Snapshot

The logo & patch was designed by Juan Doe, who had prior experience in designing covers for Marvel. With this launch, the CASIS hoped that the new identity would gain more attention towards the ISS and the National Laboratory – stated the Director of Operations and Educational Opportunities – Ken Shields.


Image Credits: YouTube Snapshot

‘The reward for us, is that we will actually have two characters go in to space’, stated Mitch Dane, Director of Custom Publishing. Then he laughed and further commented that with some luck, there will be a little cosmic radiation going on and both the characters will come back alive.

Darren Sanchez, Project Manager and Editor at Custom Solutions from Marvel said that the patch is a very cool idea and knew that any artist they approached for this design would be delighted to create this amazing logo.
He further stated that the artist would deliver a thumbnail layout for the complete sketch as shown below:


Image Credits: YouTube Screen Shot


Image Credits: YouTube Screen Shot

From the logo, the stars in the background are actually the flames from the Galaxy Shield as shown along with the Space Station image below:


This is by far the best patch and logo for 2016 we assume, what are your predictions? We know Groot’s reaction already:

Watch the complete video on the Groot and Rocket Raccoon identity for NASA’S Oasis Project:

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