Mozilla Logo Redesign has 7 Finalists – What’s your Pick?



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As of June Mozilla, the browser giant stated that it would be redesigning its identity with the help of the Internet World. It also managed to intelligently pick up feedback from designers and community members to know of what a concrete rebrand would look like!



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As seen above there are different themes and categories. The Good Fight, For The Internet of People, Choose Open, With you from the Start, Mavericks & United. Each logo has a story and a brand identity and the people seem to have made a choice already. But the finalization of it all wont be until September this year (next month).

As of now, the company revealed the 7 finalists for selection after reviewing each of them serperately as well. Mozilla’s Creative Lead stated that each of the 7 concepts shared today, lead with and emphasized a particular facet of the Mozilla Story.

To be honest only a couple of them seem to be a stretch, the rest are all competitive and corresponsive images, bravo for social media netwrok and Mozilla’s entrusting capability for the amazing set up of custom logo design.

Each Finalized Logo Is Displayed Below For You Viewing – Whats your Pick?

The Design Team of Pixels Logo Design chose the logo below for the new Mozilla Organization: What’s your PICK?







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