MIT’s – Moving Blocks

MIT’s Shape – Changing Multi Material Interface are made out of blocks that can replicate any physical reaction. Created by the MIT’s Tangible Media Group who had a prior venture developing Shape Changing Desks that which could remember the interface.

Materiable – as they call it is the newest innovation made out of 3D Printed Pixels. Each block is connected to a sensor that which send information to a computer just like our brain sends signals to our arms and limbs for different actions throughout the day. The computer thus sends back instructions through the blocks actuator which is; a motor responsible for moving or controlling mechanism or system.
The block responds to both touch and light and such a design can help students learn CPR or Pressure Points thus the innovation can be an aiding factor for training of nurses, firefighters and emergency service personnel’s.

Furthermore, materiable can be used by Geologists to understand and replicate the effects of an earthquake to that of soil erosion.
Unfortunately as of now, the project would only be utilized for research purposes, but the blocks are fun to play with as well and have amazing body interaction.

What matters the most is how an industry or an organization can benefit from this outstanding innovation. It could probably help in demonstrations of after effects of an earthquake which could help the construction companies to create stronger buildings and also help practicing doctors and nurses but its true purpose would only be established when the blocks are introduced to different markets and only time can tell its purposeful tale.

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