McAfee by Intel has a New Logo Design

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With the dawn of the new name and new products, McAfee by Intel has a new look.  The new look on the right; will be the face of McAfee by Intel as portrayed at the company’s Focus 16 event in Las Vegas on Tuesday.


Our new logo is a “visual representation of the future” for Intel Security, Senior Vice President and General Manager (and soon-to-be McAfee CEO) Chris Young said.


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The Video for the New Logo is thrilling:

Chris Young stated that it is a symbol for them for their new beginning to an approximate of 3,500 customers and partners in the audience. He also stated that it is a visual representation of what is important to their DNA and their strategy. He further went on to quote that the logo design dates back to the legacy roots of McAfee  a name that was before its 2010 acquisition by Intel for 7.6 Billion.


  New McAfee Logo

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The Logo: Red in the logo design  recognizes McAfee’s past with the shield shape projecting defense and the two connection making a shield depicting togetherness with the rest of the industry stated Young.


“We’re looking forward to the future. We’re not looking back … Our challenges in our industry have moved on and so must we. We’re looking forward as a new organization, and we will accelerate what we’re doing so we can be better at solving your challenges in the future,” – Senior Vice President and General Manager (and soon-to-be McAfee CEO) Chris Young

This identity honestly hits me with the HTML 5 logo, nevertheless, the customized font has a new appeal and the overall need to revamp the identity is perhaps far from a desperate cry to display their existence.

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