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MasterCard – the world known Technology Company in the global e-commerce industry has recently revamped its logo. The need to do so was unnecessary some may state, but change is inevitable and may either pump the existing brand or remain as it is. Nevertheless the company that was Interbank was called Master Charge until 1979, has revealed a substantial and appealing identity to reaffirm its position within the world of ‘Money’.

They are the fastest payment processing services – serving national and international grounds with 210 countries and territories. A change for MasterCard nevertheless after 20 years has been designed by New York based Pentagram Partner Michael Bierut and their team.


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The new logo redesign is simplified, modernized and optimized for the ever-growing digital market. The new identity will take over all MasterCard Products beginning with Masterpass by the end of this month, covering all lined up commodities by the end of fall.


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To be honest when a designer from the workplace noticed the logo, who has about 22 years of designing experience he was awestruck. He couldn’t utter a word for at least the next 3 minutes. He then managed to point out that the ‘overlapping circles’ will never go away from MasterCard as it symbolizes security, connection & trust like no other brand does. When asked for an explanation of his moment of silence – he elucidated that the ‘interlocking lines’ that are now missing from the logo is a sad but true sign of progress and MasterCard wouldn’t have been able to depict it in anyway better than this!


The alternate look
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The overlapping circles from MasterCard have been pioneering the financial industry along with its competitor Visa and hence both stand as market giants when it comes to the e-commerce industry. Will Visa change its logo after MasterCard’s new interpretation – probably, & so would other corporate financial giants, because change is always for the better good.

The font wasn’t completely a surprise with geometric sans logo and the lowercase approach. Nevertheless, it appeals without the slant inclination of the previous font to all and probably a little less formal without the Capital Letter casing for the ‘M’.


The Logo on a Billboard
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To end it all, citing the designer view on the complete logo – it’s not stunning, but it definitely relates to immediate business. That which is priority has always been circled out with MasterCard and the font immediately communicates alertness of exchange, maintaining the sense of credibility and still surging brand. Nevertheless, the products have their own role to play now as the identity speaks for itself in terms of professionalism.

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