Is Lord Farquaad’s vanity flag an inspiration for Facebook Logo? Really Mark Zuckerberg?



Like many other, when my friend first suggested Facebook as the best social platform and I first logged in, I got that familiar feeling when signing up to that blue alienated social media page with the Facebook Logo– The kind of familiar feeling that takes you to your past. Well, we probably ignored that feeling and went on with finding our crushes on Fb. But this new buzz about the Facebook logo cannot be ignored. A new theory has been exposed on the internet about how Facebook’s Logo is so similar to Lord Farquaad’s vanity Flag – A character from our favorite childhood movie: “Shrek”.


Well that explains why we could instantly connect to Facebook on an emotional level, that oddly familiar kind of feeling that keeps us hooked to it now has a meaning. Just for the record Facebook was founded in year 2004, three years after Shrek came out. Does it sound like a coincidence? Let’s have a closer look at the two logos.


Undeniably, both belong to the same shades of blue. But the text from both logos being bold and of lowercases F? Except that it has a slight difference in font – The Facebook-vibe is in the air!

Since Facebook came out late, it is highly possible that Mark Zuckerberg drew his inspiration form Lorf Farquaad’s glorious flag for the Facebook logo. Or is it because Mark has been a true fan and wanted the lord’s mark to be a part of his creation? Highly unlikely, we’d like to believe that there was something going on in Mark’s head when he chose such a familiar design. Well the guys smart and he did a great job.


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