Logo Design Company vs. Web Development Company: Bridging the Gap


Logo Design Company vs. Web Development Company: Bridging the Gap


You might have struggled in understanding the difference between a logo design company and web development company. Back in time, the discriminating factors were simple – a designing firm like a logo design company was responsible for designing, while a web development company would be responsible to code. However, your struggle is justified since today the difference has gradually reduced.

In today’s time, it is unlikely to find a designer who doesn’t know the basics of CSS or HTML. Moreover, it is not quite difficult to find a developer who can come up with an enticing storyboard. Thus, the factors that initially used to discriminate agencies from one another have faded away subtly.

I will now walk you through both concepts, to make it easier for you to understand the role each company plays in creating the apps and sites we absolutely adore.

What Is A Web Design Company?

A web design company is solely responsible for everything that is linked to the aesthetic appeal and usability of a website or app. For instance, from choosing the color palette, layout of the app, user interface, to user experience; a web design company is responsible.

Design companies can be approached for a variety of tasks including graphic designing, layout of the site, logo designing, placing the Call-to-Actions strategically, branding, typography, wireframes, etc.

Thus, a web design company is primarily concerned with the way things are seen on desktops and smartphones. It does have little to do with the inside mechanism, coding, etc. The goal is to give a distinct digital experience by strategically making use of graphics, colors, and typography.

What Is Web Development Company?

Logo Design Company vs. Web Development Company: Bridging the Gap

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A web development company will work on the programming and coding aspects to make a website or app standout. Generally, web development companies offer two distinct development services: back end and front end development.

The front end development is focused on how the mock-ups created by a designer will be displayed on the website. On the contrary, back end development is responsible for the effective management of data within the database. Moreover, a back end developer provides the data to front end developers to be displayed on the website.

Generally, a front end developer’s job overlaps with that of a web designer. While front end developers are not expected to select the font, colors or typography, they are responsible bring the mock ups designed by a web designer to life. Thus, to replicate the vision of the designer, a front end developer needs to have primary knowledge of UX/UI.

Bridging the Gap:

In today’s time, the gap between web development and web designing has bridged to a great extent. Individuals seeking the service of professional designers and developers can now rely on a single agency rather than going to two different entities. Having a web and logo design company will not only make it easier for you to manage errands, but will also produce better results since the experience will be more synchronous.


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