Logitech Has a New Look & Brand Identity!



Logitech reinvented their logo and it is great to look at. I involves a smart and intelligent typeface that speakes volumes of its past and current technological advancements.

Created by Design Studio, this new custom logo design and identity for Logitech proves that their hardwork is paying off. Its new vibrant logo line has been created with the geometrical patterns in mind and matches the ongoing trend for classical typefaces.


Design Studio in the past had revamped the FA Premier League Brand in Feb 2016 and managed to completely identify the crust of an existing brand in that case. The vibrant color scheme seems to be a trend for Design Studio as noticed in both the FA Premier League logo & as well as the New Logitech Logo. High Contrast color most definitely communicate with the younger generation and would probably surge clientele on the same basis.


Evidently, the identity is professional and not completely down to earth to mix and match with the current times and the use of glossy color gradient is thankfully absent. Logitech has been utilizing a particular font and the same Brown Pro Typeface has been utilized adding to its origins and 30 years of pedigree. The logo nevertheless resembles the ‘Futura’ typeface which is a geometric sans-serif font designed in 1927 by Paul Renner.



The new identity will be depicted on packaging, shops and icons soon. Design Studio will be working closely with Logitech to change and channel its current brand identity across the globe!

All in all, the design seems to be professional and communicative, the intelligent hint via the letter ‘g’ manages to communicate technology successfully. The vibrant color and the typeface are most definitely attractive and catchy on any colored background. Do we still like the old one better than the new one?

All Image Credits: http://www.creativebloq.com/
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