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Why delve into the psychology of stock investments to conceive best design company logos? It’s because the time you invest in conceptualizing a logo shares the same value with the stocks you invest in a business to drive a fabulously wealthy outcome. Warren Buffet’s stock investment ideologies can be wisely implemented on your logo-conceiving techniques to devise memorable and best design company logos.

Buffet is popular for investing in ideas, and not people – ‘idea’, which is the cornerstone of any investment. The nourishing elements of a great logo include adaptability, appeal, versatility, persuasion, and brand’s identity. Nourishment comes after birth, therefore, before nurturing a great logo with its all essential nutrients, the logo designers need to focus on the core idea or the blue print i.e. the birth of a logo. The birth requires your optimum interest and contribution to ensure preventing off the cuff effort.


Critical risk assessment is how Buffet defines a wise investment. In logo designing, calculable risks include plagiarism, lack of appeal, lack of brand identity, and poor customer reach. Poor choices of the logo designer are also included in the calculable risks. Zavier Leslie Cabarga writes in Logo, Font & Lettering Bible, ‘In print, a font will look only as good or bad as the designer designed it’. A great logo requires unparalleled risk evaluation to not only maintain the logo designer’s market reputation but also to keep the client secured from corporate/intellectual property theft issues.

Warren Buffet once suggested researching your stocks thoroughly and then investing in the potential stocks generously and fearlessly. In investment terms, market and brand research recognizes the logo caps or limits. The definition of boundaries on one end is the identification of freedom on the other end, which means that the logo designers can identify their freedom lands to brainstorm ideas for best design company logos.

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Keep good company, he advises. Inspiration is the key to unlock a great idea, especially if you are experiencing creativity flush. Relax, and let your mind flow with time, surrounding, and your good company. And by good company, we don’t mean humans only. Inspiration comes from nature, a good book, a cool dress, anything.

Trust your instincts and let fads be salted away by others. Trends are there to be replaced. A trendy logo is not a timeless one. Timeless conception centralizes brand value in best design company logos.  Buffet has always followed his personal stock calculation systems, because according to him, there’s no way to know if Facebook will stay hot or be burnt in the next five years.

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