Launch of GoCentral- GoDaddy’s new DIY Website Builder

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GoDaddy is famously know as an Internet domain name registrar and is web hosting giant. GoDaddy was founded in 1997, and since then it has served over 13 million customers.

GoDaddy has announced the launch of GoCentral. GoCentral is a DIY website builder tool that is mobile-friendly and has ecommerce and marketing tools.

GoDaddy already has a website builder tool, but with GoCentral it aims at bringing about a change that no other has thought about. With this new website builder tool a person can design his website using his mobile device in about an hour.  This website will be mobile responsive and changes to it can be easily made by a person on the go using a cellphone, tablet or PC

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This tool has around 1500 templates as opposed to 300 in its current website building tool. All you have to do is select your industry or topic and a nearly complete website will be created that will have prefilled sections and stock images.

That is not it, GoCentral not only allows you to create and maintain a responsive website, but also helps you improve your presence on search engines with SEO tools. It allows you to integrate your Facebook page or create a new one. You can log in and get activity updates of your customers. This will help you devise new ways to increase customer engagement and improve traffic.

“Traditional DIY site builders got it wrong by forcing people to focus their time on tweaking page layout instead of generating results,” said GoDaddy general manager and senior vice president Lauren Antonoff. “Many small businesses struggle to attract visitors to their sites, and the little traffic they do get is largely coming from mobile devices. We’re fundamentally changing the approach by creating a mobile-friendly experience that lets customers focus on achieving their goals, rather than worrying about site designs.”

A company’s spokesperson said that existing website building tool will be phased out gradually, no specific timeline has been given.  This is because the most important task will be shifting existing users to GoCentral.

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