Is Kylie Cosmetics Logo Design Changing?



Image Credits: Thekylieshop on Instagram

Kylie Jenner introduced her makeup line in 2016, initially her liquid lipstick duo gained hype. Later, she introduced metallic liquid lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, cream shadows and brush sets. In a short span of time Kylie Cosmetics gained so much popularity that today, most her makeup goes out of stock as soon as it is restocked.

During the holiday season Kylie introduced limited edition makeup holiday bundles that sold out quickly too, and if you visit Kylie Cosmetics website right now you will see that most of the holiday line is sold out.

It is most likely, that with the new coming year, Kylie Cosmetics will unveil a new logo design. All thekylieshop Instagram followers saw a post of what could be the new logo. All these celebrities are famous for revealing sneak peeks of their potential happenings through their social media.


Hand written typography is going to be one the trends of 2017. I still think the old logo design is better than what may possibly be the new design.

The possible new identity is not as visually clear as the old one. It looks like a signature that has been done in rush. In my opinion the cosmetics line should stick with the old identity.






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