Kojima Productions New “Full Body Logo”– Secret of the Covered Skull


‘Ludence’ is the new Kojima Productions Mascot that which was revealed by Kojima on Twitter. Since the reveal last December of the black and white logo and especially after partnering with Sony, Kojima eventually took aid from the masses to have approved by billions across, a full body armored logo.

Using twitter Kojima further stated that Ludence is wearing “the extra-vehicular activity (EVA) creative suit” to stand by his additional comment that they will deliver the New Play in the future with cutting edge equipment, technology and frontier spirit.

The revealed original logo as of Last December for Kojima Productions

The new Kojima Productions logo

Keeping in mind that feedback always helps no matter the industry and in this case proving to be a cool body armored logo as suggested by the world.

Kojima Products New Logo

The name ‘Ludence’ was prominently release by Kojima when he requested the masses for a response on the kind of suit the exoskeleton would be draped in. Furthermore the internet’s response was not only creative but also adapted by Kojima, thus proving that the masses can help as well.

In a recent interview with Famitsu, the Metal Gear Creator revealed that the full body logo is a part of a whole character that which he cannot discuss completely. But to think about it, partnering with Sony for your next game and then coming up with a full body armored logo was certainly developed for a purpose. Having all the attention towards the logo leads us to understand that the complete image is most certainly relevant to his upcoming Edgy PlayStation Game.
A walk away from Konami last year, has now revealed not only the black and white logo but also the full body armor logo, thus explaining a ‘big bang’ in works and as well as an alert amongst other game developers such as EA, Rockstar Games, UBI Soft and Microsoft Studios. The competition is not only for graphics within games anymore, it’s all about presentation and the Konami break up hopefully was a good move.

Only time can tell whether the partnership with Sony has the same lucrative yield and success that Hideo Kojima had, especially with the Metal Gear Solid Series.

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