Kentucky Derby Museum Unveils Its New Logo Design

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The year 2016 has been a significant one for the Kentucky Derby Museum. Not only did the museum experience a gain in revenue and customer traffic they refreshed and redesigned their identity.

The Kentucky Derby Museum opened in 1985, and has been a premiere attraction since. The museum aims at preserving the rich history of the Kentucky Derby.

The museum unveiled its new logo design for the first time in eight years.

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The design has a different color scheme and font; it has a race horse in motion with a jockey in a saddle.

The President of Kentucky Derby Museum, Patrick Armstrong said that they completed the most successful year in a 31 year history. To carry the thrill and drive forward they gave their identity a fresh and modern look.

The new logo design was designed by the museum in partnership with Doe-Anderson Advertising and Public Relations, Louisville. Creative Director, Doe-Anderson said “My goal was to design a logo as timeless as the Kentucky Derby itself – simple, iconic, while evoking all the color and energy of the race and the event. Practically speaking, I wanted the mark to be flexible enough to use in a multitude of applications from identity materials to signage.”

To celebrate this new identity the museum will be celebrating Sunday Fundays throughout December and January. During this event Indiana or Kentucky driver’s license holders will get a free child’s admission on purchasing an adult admission. Merchandise with the new logo design will be featured in the museums gift shop.


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