Katy Perry’s – ‘Cover girl’ Make Up Line VS. Hard Candy

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Just when everything seemed perfect, Katy Perry’s attractive makeup line’s logo was found copied! Unfortunately the ‘Star’s’ cosmetic line up faces a lawsuit from Hard Candy as it has come their attention that their logos are exactly similar – but we have to remember there’s no marketing like bad marketing!


That being said, Katy’s Cosmetic Logo design company was launched only a few months ago in April under the title ‘Cover Girl Katy Kat Collection’. Consisting of 2 lipsticks and 13 mascaras, the line up looks promising although the logo looks copied!


It’s obviously not the font or the packaging, it’s to do with the little ‘black heart’. Yes you read that right!
The little black heart as a logo appear right in between Katy Perry (heart) COVERGIRL – just like it does with HARD (heart) CANDY.

In the cosmetic industry a beauty logo copied is not only a trademark violation, just like it is for other industries, but it also damages brand repute and could face irreparable losses. HARD CANDY, seemingly took this to their heart – and I mean literally- filed a law suit against P&G (Proctor & Gamble) who own the COVERGIRL cosmetic line. Nevertheless various comparisons have been made with regards to the Upper Case Font, which aren’t exactly similar in specific fonts, but at the moment anything that looks similar is being underlined.


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In the lawsuit filed Hard Candy stated that it has the ‘heart’ trademark since the past 10 years and hence is demanding Katy Perry’s products to be pulled off from the shelves and also seeks to share the existing profits the P&G organization has made via the cosmetic line as per TMZ. Thankfully the musical star has not been named as a defendant herself.

Overall, the logo has a remarkable resemblance and is most certainly justified, nevertheless Katy Perry was optimistic about the line of products and was perhaps right about it booming as a brand.

The ultimate question is that – Are you ready for – a perfect storm? Because once your her’s – THERES NO GOING BACK!


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