Juventus Unveils Its New Corporate Identity

Juventus Logo

Juventus is anItalian professional football club, based in Turin. Juventus also known Juve, one of the most renowned clubs in the world just unveiled its new corporate identity.

Football is a sport that represents a million dollar industry, because of this reason thecompetition is fierce. Many sport entities have to come realize that their identity matters as it differentiates them from the rest,which is why we have seen the recent trend of different sport entities unveiling new or revamped version of their corporate identity.

At an exclusive event held in Milan Juventus unveiled its new logo which has been designed by Interbrand, under the slogan “Black and White and More”. The identity aims to appeal to the current fan base and to those who aren’t as such football fanatics.

Juventus Logo 1

As expected people are reluctant and resistant towards change, such is the case of Juventus fans who seem to dislike the latest corporate identity.

In my opinion the new design stands out, as it is modern and appealing, and versatile enough to look good on all mediums whether print or digital.  The previous logo had the clichéd look of a shield surrounding the image, such designs are obsolete now.

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